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Cambridgeshire Down’s Syndrome Community Network – CambsDSCN

An information and support hub for people with Down’s syndrome and their families in Cambridgeshire.

Organised by volunteer parents and supporters to provide and improve the information, services, support and activities available to children and adults with Down’s Syndrome and their families.

Cambshire Down's Syndrome Community Network


Contact: Michelle Clark 07422 661970


Facebook Private Group:

X: @CambsDSCN

Pinpoint support groups / Tii Hubs

Every week during term time we are here (virtually) for you to have the chance to meet other parents who ‘get it’ and to get answers to questions so that you know the next steps for your journey. Every Monday morning during term time 10am-12pm.

We also run a monthly in person Tii Hub (currently in Huntingdon only).

We also have an online monthly profound and multiple learning disabilities group.

Details and booking are available on our events page.

Pinpoint participation sessions

Every month we run a participation session based on one of 4 themes where you will have the chance to meet the professionals who provide services for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

The themes are Education, Health, Mental Health and What other help is available.

These are your chance to be heard by professionals to tell them what’s working, what’s not working and what would be better if… as well as asking your questions. Professionals will also bring ideas to the sessions to share with parents and carers to hear how you would like services to be shaped.

Cambridgeshire parent support group for teenagers/young people with Down Syndrome

We are an online parent support group for parents with teenagers and young adults with Down Syndrome in the Cambridgeshire area. This group is a place to support each other, share important information regarding services within the Local Authority (education, health and social care) and also information related to activities for teenagers and young adults with Down syndrome.

Find us on Facebook (closed group): Cambridgeshire support group for teenagers/young people with Down Syndrome.

Small Steps Huntingdon

Cambridgeshire babies and children with Down Syndrome support group

We are an informal parent led community support group for children with Down Syndrome and their families in the County of Cambridgeshire.

Our aim is to provided support and information to all families (parents/carers and expectant parents) with children with Down Syndrome (new born up to nine years old) and to provide a safe and inclusive area for the children and their siblings to make and develop friendship.

We meet the first Saturday of the month (Except January).

Contact : Claudia and Simon Holmes


Find us on Facebook (closed group): Cambridgeshire babies and children with Down Syndrome Support group.

Affiliated to the Down’s Syndrome Association UK.

Pinpoint information sessions

Are you the parent/carer of a child that has non-diagnosed or diagnosed Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND)?

Would you like to meet other parents to share your experience and get practical help and advice? We run regular information sessions for parents/carers whose children are on the waiting list, have had a referral turned down or are accessing services. These run every week during term time. We invite speakers that will offer advice on how to support you, your child and your family.

All of our information sessions are currently being held virtually online. More details & bookings can be found on our events page.

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