Benefits for families of children with disabilities

Benefits for families raising children and young people with additional needs and disabilities really help with day to day costs.

We know, from the Extra Costs Commission enquiry, that life costs more if you have a disability. Our families have to spend out on things like equipment, continence supplies, getting to hospital appointments, extra bedding, keeping warm – and lots are struggling to make ends meet.

This page brings together information on what benefits you might be entitled to, how to apply for them, and where to turn to for benefits advice.

Family benefits include:

Parents’ top tips

  1. Get advice. Benefits can be complex and eligibility does depend on individual income and circumstances.
  2. Think ahead. If you know you’re going to have to go to an interview or face-to-face consultation or fill out a form, gather all the evidence you need in good time.
  3. Take a photocopy of any forms you fill in.
  4. Send them by registered post — payments can stop if you don’t meet the deadlines
  5. Be specific about how your child is affected by their disability or SEN.  Spell out exactly how it impacts them, on separate sheets of paper if necessary.

Benefits information for Cambridgeshire families

What benefits am I entitled to?

Information on managing benefits on behalf of your children/young people

You can apply to the DWP to become an “appointee” and manage benefit affairs for your young person if they are not able to manage things themselves.

Full details and how to apply to become a DWP appointee are on the Government website.


If you are in debt then there is advice available to help  you get back in track.

Turn2Us are a national charity who provide information and support to help you get back on track.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau can offer advice and practical support too.

The Cambridge Money Advice Centre can help and have self-help materials available online.

Don’t forget to check our benefit advice pages as you may be eligible for help.

You may find that your child is eligible for free school meals – use the Government checker to find out and apply.


Cost of living

We have a whole new section to help with the cost of living – click here

Cambridgeshire County Council website has lots of useful links to help you and your family with the “cost of living crisis”

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