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In recent years, fathers have become really involved in bringing up their children. Dads and male carers have their own support needs. We will use this part of the website to provide information that we think is especially relevant to fathers.

Local support groups

We provide a funding to support a group for fathers of disabled children who attend Highfield School in Ely. The group is run by the Parent Support Advisor, Jane Tuck. If you would like more information, contact Jane.  Phone: 01353 612831

Online support groups

‘Family Information Direct’ has brought together details of free social networking sites to help dads to contribute to the lives of their children by sharing issues and ideas with other dads in similar positions. These include Dads Space which provides a safe and secure on-line environment for dad's to keep in touch with separated children. See our website links for more details.


There are other exciting initiatives for dads going on across the country like YoungDads.TV. This exciting new project has been working with young dads below the age of 25 to create a relevant online source of news, advice, opportunities and support that champions young dads in their roles as fathers.

YoungDads.TV supports young dads to take part in the lives of their children by giving them a chance to explore a more positive future, discover their strengths and make better decisions.

Tune into YoungDads.TV

If you are a dad or other male carer, let us know what you would like to see added to the website.