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Support Groups - support for parents by parents

Pinpoint pamper sessionParents provide one of the best types of support another parent can get. We want to help local parent groups to develop and grow so that every parent who needs it can get support from someone like them.

We can:

  • give advice on getting started
  • provide free publicity
  • help with managing groups as they grow

You can keep up to date with our news and events information by signing up for one of our e-mail newsletters.

Tell us about groups near you - complete our parent group form

Help us make sure parents find out about support groups near them. You can email us with details or complete the parent group form below.

Recommend an activity 

Parents tell us how hard it is to find information that will helps them choose the activities that best meet their families' needs. They also say that other parents are one of their best - and most trusted - sources of information. Got any recommendations?  Do let us know!  Email

You can download…

Microsoft Office document icon parent group form.doc