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Planning for the future

Thinking about future finances for someone you care for can be daunting.  

Mencap offers free Planning for the Future sessions for parents and carers as well as guides and books that offer information about writing wills and setting up trusts.

To find out more, visit the charity's wills and trust webpage

Thera Trust also offers practical advice and support to adults with a learning disability (and their families) to live the lives they choose.

It's Safe and Secure book has been written to help families and will:


  • Inspire you to face your fears and plan for the future of your relative when you are no longer around.
  • Help you to be sure that your wishes, dreams and desires for your relative can shape their future.
  • Guide you through the process of making sure that your relative will always have people around them that know and care about them.
  • Help you to make a plan for your relative's legal and financial security, along with practical tips about how to put these in place.


Find out more about future planning on the Thera Trust website