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Pinpoint reports

Parents and service providers at Network meeting

On this page you can download reports about our work with parents, service providers and commissioners in Cambridgeshire.

 Latest Meeting Report. March 2017 - Challenging Behaviour

District Network Meeting Reports

October 2016 - Children's Change Programme

This report was shared from our October 2016 district network meetings. This summary presentation gives more details about the programme. Here we give an update on what Pinpoint has been working on over the last year.

June 2016 - Improving Community Health Services

This latest report is from our five network meetings around Improving Community Health Services. Download the report here. Each meeting had a mini training session please find a summary here.

March 2016 - Improving SEND Reforms

This report is from our five March 2016 network meetings about improving the SEND Reforms. In particular, SEN Support in schools, the EHCP process and how the Local Offer is working here in Cambridgeshire. Download the report.

Oct 2015 - Communication with Health, Social Care and Education Services

Reports for individual district meetings have been completed.  A summary report for communication with health services has been shared with the Health Joint Commissioning Board and Cambridgeshire Community Servcies NHS Children's Services Manager.  The summary report for social care has been shared with Cambridgeshire County Council Head of Disability, Social Care.  The summary report for education has been shared with the SEND Performance & Comissioning Board to cascade to all education services, including schools.

June 2015 - Mental Health and Well-being

Reports for individual district meetings are being posted as they are completed. A summary report is now available and has been shared with the Joint Health Commissioning Board and the CPFT. The presentation delivered by Jo Rooney, Commissioning Manager for Children's Services, CCG, can be found here.

Autism Workshop April 2015

The aim of the workshop was capture the views of parents of children and young peoplw with Autism to shape what services Cambridgeshire County Council will plan for, how and where they should be delivered, and what outcomes are wanted.  Please see the downloads at the bottom of this page for the Autism Workshop Notes.

SEND Workshop March 2015

The aim of the workshop was capture the views of parents to shape what services Cambridgeshire County Council will plan for, how and where they should be delivered, and what outcomes are wanted.  The County Council wanted to understand what is most important to parents at home, in their community, and from health and education settings.

March 2015 - SEND Reforms and the Local Offer

Parents had an update on SEND Reforms, gave feedback on how it was working for their families and watched a live demo of the Local Offer.

Download the meeting report.

October 2014 - Activities for Children and families

Parents talked about their experiences of accessing activities with their children and discussed what had worked well and what had not worked so well, and looked at activities they would like to access in the future.

Parents and service providers worked together to identify gaps in provision of activities and what action needed to be taken to try to fill these gaps in the future.

Download the meeting report

June 2014 - Bullying

Parents were asked about their experiences of their child being bullied, the affect this had on the child and the family and the support they were given.  Parents then worked with service providers to look at what support was needed for children, families and settings in the future to prevent bullying from occurring and to deal with it when it does occur.  A full report from the meetings is available.

Download the meeting report.

June 2013 - Cambridgeshire’s SEND Strategy and the Single Plan

At this meeting parents really welcomed the opportunity to be asked by Service Providers at Cambridgeshire County Council, for their views on what would make the Single Plan work for them. 

Download the summary presentation. 

March 2013 - Emotional Support for Parents

Parents fed back on their emotional support needs.  Messsages and recommendations from the meetings have been fed back to the Disabled Children's Action Group, the Early Support Commissioning Group and the SEND Project Board.  See the summary Download the summary presentation.