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Pinpoint Parent Survey 2016

How well are we keeping Cambridgeshire parent carers informed, supported and involved?

To measure our impact in these areas, we ran a short survey in March 2016 for parent and carers to capture their views regarding Pinpoint’s work.  


We had 29 responses. If you would like to view the full results, please contact us.

Figures from last year’s survey results are included in brackets below for comparison purposes.  However, last year’s survey was run immediately after our conference and had a higher response rate (74 responses).

Key messages from the 2016 survey

  • 64% said they definitely feel more informed (78%)
  • 50% said they definitely feel less isolated (38%)
  • 62% said they definitely feel more supported (55%)
  • 46% said they definitely feel more involved (49%)
  • 54% said that contact with Pinpoint had made their knowledge about services for families a lot better, 43% a bit better (54%, 36%)
  • 59% said they found meetings / events a useful source of information (79%)
  • 52% said they found Facebook a useful source of information (26%)
  • 45% said they found meeting other parents a useful source of information (61%)
  • 38% said contact with Pinpoint's services improved their knowledge about their rights and entitlements a lot, 48% a bit (44%, 44%)
  • 41% said they felt they had been heard by people who make decisions about services, 48% said a bit (46%, 39%)
  • 38% felt that being heard had made an impact on services, 31% a bit (31%, 42%)