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Our December newsletter out today!

Our December newsletter has just published.

You can download a PDF copy or read a copy online 

16th Dec 2016

Growing well: Eddie's Gardening Project

Eddie's Gardening Project is open to new members.

The scheme gives people with learning disabilities the chance to do an activity they enjoy in the open air and make friends in the process. It is also a great place to try out new activities, learn useful skills and develop confidence and independence.

From the greenhouse, members can grow their own range of fruit and vegetables as well as visiting Anglesey Abbey to assist the gardening staff in the upkeep of the gardens and also maintain the gardens of residents in Milton village.

15th Dec 2016

SEND Transport Changes - update and advice

Over the last two weeks, Pinpoint has been helping parents concerned about the impact of transport changes following retendering of school/college transport contracts by the county council.

As of today, December 15, we are assured by Judith Davies, Head of Commissioning Enhanced Services, that the council is aware of only two outstanding cases and is actively working to get these resolved as soon as possible.

15th Dec 2016

Changes to SEND Transport - Cambridgeshire County Council Statement Friday December 9

Statement from Meredith Teasdale

Service Director Strategy and Commissioning

Changes to SEND Transport

9th Dec 2016

Free footy sessions with CUFC at Bottisham

Cambridge United Football Club is running FREE disability football sessions during the Christmas holidays.

Kick-off is on Friday December 23at Bottisham Village College Sports Centre, Lode Road, Bottisham, Cambridge CB25 9DL.

  • 11am - 12pm - Cerebral Palsy session
  • 12.30pm - 1.30pm - Down's Syndrome session
  • 2pm - 3pm - Autistic and Learning difficulties session

The sessions are indoors and are for all ages and abilities.

8th Dec 2016

Family CAF to be replaced

The Cambridgeshire Family CAF - common assessment framework - is being dropped.

And a new, Early Help Assessment (EHA) has been introduced, from December 5.

Like the FCAF, the EHA aims to identify all of the needs within a family, but is shorter and links directly into Early Help and, if needed, Social Care planning.

For more information about the new EHA, visit the county council webpage

7th Dec 2016

Do you live with an invisible illness?

Not everybody's illness is "visible" on the outside.

Cambridgeshire Invisible Illness Support offers help and advice to those living with conditions such as anxiety and bipolar, cancer, Lymes disease and neurological conditions including epilepsy.

Its founder is former Ely community OT Hayley Mason, who has a rare genetic syndrome and other health issues.

For more information, contact Hayley on 07793671728.

You can also visit the group's website

22nd Nov 2016

START changes at Cambridgeshire County Council

START has reorganised as part of the children's change agenda at Cambridgeshire County Council.

It's the first in a series of SEND changes across the Children, Families and Adults directorate which is moving to a "lifelong" 0-25 years SEND Service late next year.

The Statutory Assessment and Resources Team (START) is splitting into two separate teams:

22nd Nov 2016

Sue's turning lbs into £s for us

Pinpoint's finance officer Sue Platt has begun a sponsored slim to raise funds for us.

Sue - who will unveil her weight loss at our conference in January - is aiming to lose a stone (14lbs) before the day on January 27.

17th Nov 2016

Vulnerable SEND student turned off bus

Pinpoint was concerned to hear this story about a vulnerable 23-year-old student with additional needs, who got turned off a Stagecoach bus as she tried to make her way to college this term.

Her mum has asked us to help highlight the rights of young passengers with additional needs and disabilities who are now travelling independently to school and college – and the Stagecoach policy of “never refusing travel to children or those who are vulnerable.”

17th Nov 2016