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Sexual health and relationships

Young coupleParents of disabled young people have told us this is an area where parents need better support, and that young disabled people need education that is appropriate to their particular needs.

We work with DHIVERSE who offer a sexual health and relationships programme specifically for people living with a learning disability or difficulty and their parents and carers. To find out more about the ‘ABC programme’ and sexual health and relationships services for young people in general, visit the Dhiverse website or read our blog article written with Dhiverse.

The Kite Trust provide free one-to-one support to young LGBT+ people under the age of 25, and living in Cambridgeshire. Young people can access support face to face and over the phone or via Skype. The one-to-one support is safe, confidential and personal.

Contact The Kite Trust o 01223 369508 or

You might find Contact a Family's Growing Up, Sex and Relationships booklet helpful.

Let us know what more information you need as a parent or carer.

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