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accessibility help and information

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Housing and Special Equipment


AskSARA for children is a quick and easy online guide to find advice and information about products, services and equipment to help children with daily activities in the home. Visit AskSARA here

Equipment and occupational therapy from Cambridgeshire County Council

The right equipment can make life a lot easier. A children's occupational therapist (OT) can assess and give advice on a child’s developing abilities, including equipment to help a child carry out everyday tasks. Find out more about OT from Cambridgeshire Community Services. 

Safe & Well Service Cambridgeshire

Free information and advice about daily living aids for adults and children.

There are options for parents to get free information about daily living aids for children and young adults by e-mail, telephone, at events  or by using a website questionnaire. You can also book a private Occupational Therapist home visit and get a list of  local retailers where you can see and try products.

Visit the Safe & Well website for children

Housing adaptations

Disabled children with complex needs may require adaptions to their housing to ensure that it is safe, accessible and meets their needs. There is funding to help meet the cost of housing adaptations for disabled children. The Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG), awarded by district councils, currently provides up to £30,000 towards the cost of building adaptations that are assessed as meeting eligibility criteria. You will need a referral from an occupational therapist (OT) to apply for a DFG.




A charity which helps parent and carers of disabled children and those with special needs to find solutions to practical problems of everyday living, including:

  • finding products to help with everyday living
  • advice on possible sources of funding for large, expensive but essential items
  • helping families communicate their collective needs for special products to manufacturers
  • referring families to other helpful organisations

Visit the Fledglings website

Home From Home Care

Created by parents of a daughter with special needs, Home From Home Care offers exceptional specialist residential care for adults (18+) with complex needs including Autism, Epilepsy, PMLD, Cerebral Palsy and High Vulnerability. Now the largest parent-led provider in the country, Home From Home Care creates opportunities individuals won’t find elsewhere and supports them to lead fulfilled and happy lives. Please contact them for more information on 0800 587 0372, visit the Home From Home Care website or go and visit their homes to see just how different they are.