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Health Passports

Addenbrooke’s hospital passport for children with additional needs or a disability

hospital corridorAs a result of Pinpoint working with parents and Addenbrooke’s hospital, an Additional Needs passport has been created for children and young people attending the hospital.  Parents can download the Addenbroooke's passport form from the Addenbrooke's website, or a more general healthcare one, at the bottom of the page, fill it in and take it along when visiting the hospital with their child. 

The passport contains important information about the child or young person.  This includes things hospital staff must know i.e. communication needs, support needs, medication, etc.; things that are important to the child; and what the child’s likes and dislikes are.  The aim is make the visit to Addenbrooke’s smoother and easier for both the child and parents.

Parents please use the passport on your next visit and tell other parents about it!  Save your downloaded and filled-in copy so you can update it in the future – no need to start all over again!

Recommended by parents! 

"My son had to have an operation at Addenbrooke's hospital.  He is on the autistic spectrum, so I prepared a hospital passport before our visit. The ward staff recognised the passport, welcomed it and read it. They used the passport to help prepare my son for what was going to happen. They noted from the passport what sort of toys he likes and brought these for him to play with while he was waiting.  All of the ward staff were helpful, they all took time with him, making sure that he was happy with everything that happened.  

This could have been an extremely negative experience for my son, because of waiting, not knowing what would happen or when, being operated on and feeling poorly.  However, the hospital passport helped us to have a positive experience because my son was told what would happen, was entertained while he waited and  was given as much help as possible to feel better after the operation."  

Hospital passport for people on the Autistic Spectrum

Designed to help people with autism communicate their needs to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. It was developed by Baroness Angela Browning - an NAS Vice President - in collaboration with The National Autistic Society.

Visit the NAS website for more information on the passport.

General Healthcare Passport

Use this for a visit to healthcare appointment.  Download a copy below, fill it in and take it with you when you visit your GP, therapist, nurse, or any other person providing health services. The passport contains important information about your child or young person's medication, preferred means of communication, care needs, likes and dislikes, and so on.

You could also use it to:

  • Send along with your child on a school trip so all important information accompanies him or her.
  • Bring  to your child’s holiday club or activity, so the organisers have all the information they need.