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accessibility help and information

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General housing information and support

The provision of affordable, decent housing for families is a key priority for government. You can find details of the government's housing website in our useful website section on the right of this page. In this section you can find information about local and national housing support services.

Housing support in Cambridgeshire

In Cambridgeshire, the five district councils provide housing information and support. Your local council provides information for tenants and homeowners.

The district councils in Cambridgeshire are:

  • Cambridge City
  • East Cambridgeshire
  • Fenland
  • Huntingdon
  • South Cambridgeshire

Take a look at the useful website section, for details of your local district council. If you prefer to phone you can call Cambridgeshire Direct, the local government call centre for Cambridgeshire to find details for your local housing department.

Telephone: 0345 045 5200

Fax: 01480 498066


All district councils in Cambridgeshire, with the exception of Fenland, are part of the Home-Link scheme. Home-Link is the Choice Based Lettings scheme for the Cambridge sub-region.  This means that existing council tenants can use the Home-Link service to bid for properties instead of being allocated one by the local council. or authority.

Anyone who applies for Home-link will be assessed depending on how urgent their application is. Click here to see a list of issues that Home-Link consider most urgent when assessing an application.

Home-link has an access strategy to make sure people with different needs including disabilities are treated fairly when choosing housing.

Help with rent

Housing Benefit provides help with paying rent if you are on a low income. To find out if you qualify for housing benefit, take a look at our 'Useful website - National' section to use the Directgov self assessment tool.

Additional support

If you do have questions and issues about your housing, you might find it useful to have an advocate. An advocate will help you understand all the main issues and help you to get your point across either on the phone, in writing or in a meeting. If you prefer an advocate can speak on your behalf. Organisations like Shelter and the Citizen's Advice Bureau may be able to provide an advocate. See our useful website section for more information.