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Parent participation

Parent participationDo you want to improve services?

Parents, like you who use services, know best what works and what doesn’t!

Whether it is the EHC plan for your own child or services for all children with SEND, care providers need your involvement in designing, developing and planning services.

The SEND reforms in 2014 make it clear that the child and family are equal partners in services and in deciding what should be provided.  Your views matter – it’s the law!

Parents need good information to make informed decisions.

They need to be treated as equals – they are the experts in their child and family. They should be asked what matters to them and be listened to. Pinpoint can support you through  

  • making sure you have the information you need, and
  • negotiating the best ways to involve you as an individual, in a group, through social media
  • empowering you to take control

When parents and professionals work together as equal partners it is called ‘co-production’.  It allows people with different views and ideas to come together to make things better for everyone. Co-production is about people who use services, their carers, and people who run services working together as equals. This helps to prevent resources being wasted on services which parents and families do not use.