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accessibility help and information

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Sessions for swimmers with disabilities at New Vision Fitness Centres

George Campbell Centre, City Road, March PE15 9LT

swimming club Tuesday 2:30 to 3.30pm 

£10 per year no matter start point, renewals are in December. 

£1.50 per session includes carer if needed.


Manor Centre, Station Toad, Whittlesey, Peterborough PE7 1UA

Friday 2pm - 3pm both pools. £2.85, one carer free.


Hudson Centre, Harecroft Road, Wisbech PE13 1RL

Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm, both pools. £2.85 one carer free 


Upside Down Swimming Club, St Neots

Independent, after school swimming club - a registered charity - offering fun and inclusive swimming activities for all abilities. Open to anyone of school age with a disability or additional need. The club have qualified teachers and volunteers looking to offer their support and guidance. Fee is £50 per child, per term. Website:

Meets Tuesdays after school, term time only at One Leisure St Neots pool.

For more information email

Swimming & Aqua Fitness, Peterborough

If your young people enjoy swimming, then Inclusive Sport Peterborough has just the thing. Anyone aged 14+ with a long term health condition, physical, sensory or learning disability can enjoy lane swimming, lessons, or aqua fitness classes on Fridays at Vivacity's Jack Hunt Pool, between 5-9pm.

Training and competitive swimming sessions are also on offer on Friday and Sunday nights at the regional pool with the Special Olympics Swimming Group & City of Peterborough Swimming Club.


1:1 Swimming lessons with Level Water

Charity Level Water funds1:1 swimming lessons for children aged between 4-11 with a physical disability or sensory impairment who do not have a social, learning or behavioural disability. It takes applications year round. More information on its website. Parents can make contact via that page.