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Adaptive Rowing in Cambridge

Looking for a different sporting activity for your young person? Cambridge’s Cantabrigian Rowing Club offers “adaptive” rowing to young people with disabilities.

The club - known locally as Cantabs – is based off St. Andrew’s Road, Chesterton. It is one of only two Cambridgeshire  with an Adaptive Rowing programme.

Cantabs’ Gill Cooper says learning to row offers lots of benefits including enjoying being outdoors, fun being out on the water, and freedom from being out of a wheelchair, or off support devices.

With the help of a Cambridge City Council grant, the club has two stable single sculling boats to open up rowing to people with diverse physical impairments.  The boats can be adjusted to accommodate rowers with various abilities. Almost all learners start their rowing experience in stable boats which have a safety line attached so that the coach can control their location on the river while they learn the basics.


Cantabrigan Club Cambridge disability rowing

The club is  happy to arrange a taster session at a time that suits you. Small groups also very welcome.

Young people with disabilities (minimum age 11) are very welcome to go along to a taster session at the club but must be able to:

  • respond to instructions so they are safe on the water
  • get in and out of boat – club helpers happy to assist, but please note that the club has no hoist

A taster session covers:

Introductions, initial boat set-up, briefing on rowing basics; Rower gets into the boat & tries some rowing! Club helper accompanies on the bank & makes minor adjustments if needed and a debrief

At future sessions, the boat set up can be tweaked to suit the rower and time spent on the water is gradually built up.

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