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Wheelchair Racing Cambridge

Cambridge & Coleridge Athletic Club is recruiting new athletes to join its Wheelchair Racing group.

Wheelchair racers in action

Beginners are welcome - no experience is needed. All the athletes in the group started as complete novices and are now racing anything from 100m to half marathons. The club has five racing chairs, along with helmets and gloves, for use by new athletes. The wheelchair section currently has three coaches and five athletes of differing experience and speed.

Wheelchair racing is open to anyone aged 14+.  The next session is on Thursday March16,  7 to 8pm at the Wilberforce Road track in Cambridge CB3 0EQ. This session will be a specific free ‘have a go’ session.

Sessions are delivered by UKA-licensed Athletics Coaches. The nature of the discipline means athletes will have a physical disability that affects their lower limbs, although they may not use a wheelchair all of the time. Wheelchair racers include people who have disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, e.g. Diplegia, Quadriplegia, Spinal Cord Injury (Tetraplegia & Paraplegia) as well as Amputees, people with Limb Deficiency and Brittle Bones.

More information on the club website 

First three weeks free!

If athletes decide to join the club the first three weeks are completely free of charge, athletes can then become a club member, for which there is a relatively small annual charge. There are no sessional fees just club membership.

Have a go session

Anyone interested in trying out wheelchair racing should contact Neil Costello.

E: to ask for more details or let the group know you are coming.